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Valkyrie Chauffeurs Terms & Conditions

Valkyrie Chauffeured Terms & Conditions of Service


This is the Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd website (“Website”) which is owned by Nathan Bickerdyke, a sole trader located in England registered office at Tewkesbury, GL20 7SF.   We offer a core service of ‘chauffeured travel’, which is broken down into four areas of business, Wedding chauffeur hire, Travel & Custom chauffeur hire (Airport transfers, seaport transfers, Special Occasions, Proms, Sporting Events, School Transport), Long term driver only services and Luggage & consignment transport.  These are defined as our services and our website goes into further detail about each of our services.    By using this Website you acknowledge that you have read and you agree to be bound by and comply with these Terms and Conditions found herein.   Nothing in our terms and conditions affects the customer’s statutory rights. Any images or content of this site are property of Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd and protected by protect my work.  Images that have not been produced by Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd, but are permitted for use have been provided by wix.com or canvas.com of which we have a licenced subscription for use.  No images of content from this site is to be used by any third party for any purposes except where prior consent has been obtained from Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd. 

Performance of Service

We aim to perform our service to the highest of standards.  Please contact us if you have any complaints or concerns about the level of service you have received from your Chauffeur.   Our chauffeurs are licensed private hire drivers and have a high standard of experience in driving.   Our chauffeurs will be dressed smartly at all times, unless otherwise instructed by the customer.   Our Chauffeurs will use their judgment to drive at speeds within the legal limit and what are considered suitable to the prevailing road type and conditions, the customer should not ask them to exceed speed limits.    

Our chauffeurs review and pre-plan their routes in advance of the pickup and use in-car Satellite Navigation systems with live traffic updates. In some instances, where a traffic delay is known in advance, recommendations may be made to depart earlier than scheduled to avoid lengthy delays.  Our chauffeurs may use any route to a destination that in their opinion is the best and most convenient route, whether or not it is actually the shortest route.   We will, where requested, advise customers of recommended pickup times based on knowledge of routes and expected traffic.  But it will remain the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they have allowed themselves sufficient time to reach their destination by the expected time.   Whilst our Chauffeurs will take every precaution to arrive at the destination on time, we are not responsible for loss or inconvenience from delays and prolonged journeys due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g. traffic, adverse weather conditions etc)  

Our chauffeurs understand that our customers should travel without disturbance, and will take every precaution to ensure that mobile phones, Satellite navigation systems and any other electrical devices are on silent.   Our chauffeurs will turn off the in-car radio, other less instructed otherwise by the customer. Our driver will endeavour to drop passengers door to door.  However, there are some occasions where the driver may not be able to get directly to the door due to road restrictions such as double red lines or event road closures.  In these instances the driver will drop off and/or greet passengers as close as possible to the venue or designation entrance. 

Where collecting or dropping off at festivals the driver will drop off or pick up at the events designated pick up/drop off point.  It is the passengers responsibility to ensure that they leave sufficient time to make their way to the designated pickup/drop off point for the requested pickup time.  

For every airport transfer, our chauffeurs provide a meet & greet service. To assist with this our chauffeurs require inbound flight information for any transport to UK based airports.  This is to enable our chauffeurs to track the flight and factor in any delays to limit any additional parking charges.  Where our customers are travelling first class from Heathrow we will provide the vehicle registration and driver information for the arrival suite where necessary.  On the customer’s arrival at the airport, if no prior arrangement has been made, you can contact the chauffeur who will meet you and assist you to the nearby vehicle.  

Our chauffeurs reserve the right to refuse entry to our vehicles to anyone who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or whose behaviour poses a threat to the safety of the driver, the vehicle or other passengers within the vehicle. We further reserve the right to terminate any journey due to unreasonable or improper behaviour by any passenger.

Price of Service

The price for the services is as set out in the booking, subject to amendment in accordance with this agreement.   A fixed price for services has been agreed based on the itinerary provided, changes to the itinerary will result in additional charges.  In particular, this may be increased by an amount in accordance with our standard hourly rate and/or mileage tariff at the relevant time for any delay or increase in the agreed hire period in the following circumstances:

* Any delay caused by the customer or any passenger for any reason.

* Any delay caused by severe traffic, congestion, accidents, weather conditions or any other cause outside our reasonable control.

* Airport collection delays, where flight delay information has only been reported after the chauffeur has set out on their journey to the airport.

* Any amount due from delays will be added to, and form part of the price.

* Any amendment to the itinerary not previously agreed or quoted for Unless otherwise agreed or stated within the quote;  Where applicable, any additional costs incurred to provide the service will be payable by the customer on completion of the service.  Additional costs may include, but not limited to:

* Unforeseen Road Tolls, London Congestion Charge, Parking, and Fines incurred following Customers Actions 

* Any wasted journey carried out due to inaccurate information provided by the customer i.e. incorrect flight details, incorrect addresses

When carrying out wait & return services there are some events that may require parking passes to be provided.  In particular events at RIAT, Silverstone parking will need to provided as part of the booking requirements due to location accessibility for road closures in place.  If parking has not been secure by the passenger then customers will be charged parking on top of what has been quoted.  Where a fine is incurred as a direct result of the passengers action then then passenger will solely be responsible for settling that fine. 

Examples include, but not limited to; if a driver entered a parking restricted area and incurred a fine as a result of the passenger not attending the pickup point at the requested time, or where the passenger specifically instructs the driver to set drop on double red lines.

Once the customer has approved the quote and wishes to proceed with the booking the customer agrees to our payments terms and conditions in their entirety. 


All our vehicles are kept to the highest of standards in appearance, safety and legal requirements.  Our vehicles are registered for private hire use and meet the conditions and requirements enforced by the council under those licensing requirements.   We will endeavour to provide customers with the same vehicle as agreed at the time of booking.  However, in the unlikely event of vehicle breakdown, repairs or other unforeseen circumstance we reverse the right to supply a replacement vehicle.  In such instances, the vehicle will be a similar standard of vehicle and service.  If a replacement cannot be found the customer will be provided with a full refund of any hire fees paid for that journey.


We will make every effort to advise customers of the appropriate vehicle for their travel needs.  It will remain the customers responsibility to ensure that they have checked the vehicle booked meets their luggage and passenger requirements.   We will transport a reasonable quantity of luggage accompanying Passengers. 

However, we will not compromise passenger safety for luggage.  If, in the judgment of our chauffeur, the volume or weight of luggage is excessive for the vehicle booked, then we reserve the right to refuse to transport all or part of the luggage.     All property and luggage remain’s at all times the responsibility of the customer and Passengers. 

We accept no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage, to your property or luggage or those of Passengers.  If you have excessive luggage then please let us know in advance and we may be able to provide you with an additional vehicle to travel in convoy.  Should additional vehicle be required to transport excess luggage then additional charges will apply. 

Children in the Vehicles

Should any child need to be included in the transportation, the age of the children is required.  It is the responsibility of the customers to provide child seating where required in accordance with the law. We can store the child seat at no additional cost until the return journey for the customers is completed. It remains the responsibility of the customer to ensure the welfare of any child passenger.

Passengers in the Vehicles

We reserve the right to refuse any customer who is intoxicated or abusive to the driver.  In such instances, no refunds will be provided, if payment is pending the full amount will still be due.  Where a passenger may have a disability that required specifics needs or care then we require a suitable adult to travel with them to manage any of their specific care requirements. 

All passengers are to wear seatbelts whilst travelling in our vehicle in accordance with the law, unless they provide a suitable medical exemption certificate to the Chauffeur or Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd in advance of travel.  Where passengers travelling are minors which require child seats or boosters, these must be provided & fitted by the passengers themselves. Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd can however, store seats for passengers on their return journey. 

Where passengers are not intending on a return journey it is the passengers responsibility to arrange collection of the seats from Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd or provide onward delivery to address of their choice at additional cost.  

Passengers with Disabilities

Our vehicles are no disability adapted so are unable to transport electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters. We can transport passengers with disabilities. Our chauffeurs are professional drivers with first aid training, but they are not qualified carers and are unable to administer any care requirements other than basic walking or lifting aid. They are also unable to conduct any passenger assistance whilst they are driving. So, should the passengers disability require any specific care we kindly request that a suitable carer or family member accompany the passenger to ensure their needs are cared for.

Animals in the Vehicles

We reserve the right to refuse the transportation of any animal, except guide or assistance animals.  Where any animal is required to travel with the passenger (including any assistance or guide animal) it is the responsibility of the customer to advise us of this requirement at the point of booking. Any animal approved for travel in our vehicles must be well behaved and restrained or secured in accordance with Road Safety Guidelines for the safety of the driver, passengers and the animal itself.

Bookings & Cancellations

The Booking is an offer by the customer to acquire the Services from us subject to this Agreement. Bookings can be made via telephone or email.  Emails can be made to us directly or via the enquiry form on our website contact page. Subject to change until such time that we have received all the relevant information for the booking (e.g. name, contact details, pick up An initial quote will be sent to the customer upon request, but this may be address, destination, number passengers, number of bags and flight information where relevant).   

Once the customer has approved the quote, a booking confirmation invoice will be sent to the customer.  It is at this time that the customer agrees to our payment and booking terms as outlined within. It is the customers responsibility to check the contents of the itinerary contained within the invoice as that will be the confirmation.  Should a discrepancy in the itinerary be identified within 24hrs of the travel date that has not been flagged by the customer, then the customer is responsible for any costs as per our normal payment terms.   

The customer can make amendments to the booking up to the point of travel.  We will make every effort to meet the required amendments although in some instances there may be an increase in the price to reflect the amendments requested.  Should Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd be unable to fulfil the requested itinerary amendments our standard terms of cancellation would apply.  Where the customer requests an amendment to the itinerary on the day additional waiting and/or admin charges will apply.   

A customer may cancel a booking at any time.  We offer full refunds if a cancellation is made more than 48hrs in advance of the travel date.  Where the cancellation is made within 24hrs of the travel time the customer will be responsible for 100% of the booking fee.  Where a cancellation is made within 48hrs and 24hrs of the travel date the customer will be responsible for 50% of the booking fee.  However, we reserve the right to waive these cancellation charges where we believe extreme or unforeseen circumstances exist.   

Due to the high demand for the Cheltenham Festival(TM), no refunds will be provided for cancellations are made within 48hrs of the travel date.  If a booking for the Festival has been made but not yet paid for, 100% of the booking will be due even if cancelled within 48hrs hours of the travel.  

If the customer has paid for a booking in full but cancelled more than 24hrs before the travel date then we will refund the required amount direct to their bank account or card in line with our cancellation terms, alternatively a credit note may be issued if the customer wishes to rebooked services at a later date.  Credit notes will be valid for 12mths from the date of issue and can be used against any chauffeured services.   

If the customer cancels a booking having only made a deposit or has yet to pay the full amount, and choose to cancel the booking less than 48hrs before the travel date, then they will be responsible for paying the required amount as per the cancellation terms by the due date as it will appear on the invoice.  

Excluding airport arrival pickups, customer will be given a 15-minute grace waiting period to attend before further charges may be incurred.  If no communication has been made, the driver will, if possible wait a maximum of two hours (if there would be no effect of subsequent bookings) for the customer to attend before leaving.  However, we reserve the right to waive anything beyond30mins waiting if it could impact on other customer bookings. 


We accept payment via BACS, credit card or debit card.  Payment instructions will be provided within each invoice.  There is no longer any surcharge for private debit or credit cards payments.  However, payments made using Corporate debit or credit cards, or any International Card’s then additional surcharges may apply at the following rates: UK credit cards 1.9%, 2.5% EU debit/credit cards and 3.5% for all international cards. Where a conversion is also required an additional 2% conversion rate will also be applied.  Card payments can be made over the phone, in the vehicle or via an online secure link hosted by Stripe Inc.   

Amex (American Express) cards are accepted, but only via the online secure payment provided by Stripe Inc.  This link can be made available upon request.   Full payment is required in advance to secure any booking.  Full payment is to be made by the due date outlined within the invoice confirmation. Should any additional charges apply to a booking following a change of itinerary these charges will be required for payment on completion of the booking by the due date recorded within the invoice. For wedding bookings, we require full payment to be made no less than 30 days in advance of the travel date.  The payment due date will be outlined within the invoice. 

Except where multiple vehicles are required for wedding car services.  Where multiple vehicles are required for wedding car services Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd require 25% deposit to be paid immediately at point of booking to secure the booking with the remaining 75%  payable no less than 30 days prior to the travel date. Where an itinerary amendment is made within 24hrs of the travel date or on the day of travel and administration charge of £25+VAT per amendment will incur.  Where additional expenses are incurred due to an itinerary amendment including, but not limited to parking charges and tolls, these will be charged to the customer.  

Your booking is not secured until the payment terms have been met. Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd reserves the right to permit pre-approved corporate accounts who will be eligible to make payment on completion of the booking as per Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd Corporate Account payment terms which are; Invoices associated with corporate accounts are to be settled in full by the due date recorded on the invoice. 

Bookings made on Corporate Account must be made through a pre-approved contact(s) within the authorised Company.  Any bookings made by persons other than the pre-approved contact will revert to our standards terms of payment of full payment in advance.  Any customer who has not been pre-authorised for a corporate account payment terms will be required to settle all fees in advance at the point of receipt of invoice. 

Where a Corporate Account exists it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the invoicing is addressed to the correct company addressee with which they have the authority to act on behalf of.  However, the customer who approved the booking remains responsible for any costs associated to services rendered should the company addressee dispute any charge due.  As on 15th May 2022 any pre-approved corporate accounts will be allowed a limited not exceeding £1000.00.  Should additional bookings be required whilst there is an outstanding amount that would exceed £1000.00, all previous invoices are to be settled in full to enable further bookings to be made on account, even if that means payment is made before the invoice due date.  Alternatively any new bookings will revert to our standard terms of payment in which is full payment in advance. If payment has not been received within the terms of the invoice, interest will be added to the amount owed as per the Government guidelines.  E.g. 8% interest plus bank of England base rate to be charged daily until the total owed amount is settled.  If payment remains outstanding beyond a further 30 days then the additional debt recovery and late payment charges will also be added to the amount owed. If another 30 days pass without payment (90 days in total) then legal action will be sought to recover owed monies.   

If a payment is made by the customer, using Debit or Credit card the statement will show the transaction as ‘Valkyrie Chauffeurs’.   If the passenger does not appear and fails to make contact with the driver at the booked time at the designated pick-up point, we reserve the right to make the full charge for the journey.   Our bookings cancellation policy reflects the availability of the vehicles in our fleet. Upon acceptance of the customers booking, we reserve the availability of the vehicle for the customer and subsequently re-fuse all other bookings for that vehicle at that time and on that date.   Where additional car parking or congestions charges are incurred, which did not form part of the original quote they will be charged at additional cost to the customer.  

Any variation to the customers booking which involves extending the hire time, or mileage that has not previously been quoted for will be subject to additional charges.  Our hourly rate for additional hire time or waiting is charged at £50 per hour and will commence after the first 15mins and will be rounded up to the nearest full hour.    Any additional mileage will be charged at £1.16 per mile for saloon bookings and £1.40 per mile for MPV bookings.  Should an amendments not result in extending the hire time or mileage (i.e. moving the pickup time forward), but occurs after the driver has commenced his/her journey to the collection point, Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd reserve the right to refuse the amendment request.  Should the amendment be accepted then an additional administration charge of £25+VAT will apply. 

Where a pickup time has been brought forward on within 24hrs of the travel date or the day of travel, any additional waiting if applicable will be charged from that pick up time.  For inbound air travel drivers will track the flight and adjust the pickup time accordingly.  No administration charges would apply for this amendment.  Should the flight be delayed after the driver has started their journey then additional waiting charges may apply as per our normal waiting rate.  Pricing quoted includes up to 1 hours paring for meet & greet. The customer will be responsible for any additional parking charges where applicable.

Damage Caused to Our Vehicles

Customers are responsible for paying the full cost of repair of any damage caused to our vehicles through negligence or a deliberate act.  If special cleaning of any vehicle is required because it has been left in an unreasonable state by a passenger/customer, we reserve the right to charge the cost of cleaning to that passenger/customer as well as half a day’s hire of £350+VAT.