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Driver Only Services

There can be a number of instances where a customer may require a chauffeur service, but have their own vehicle which they would like to be used.  This option provides customers with the high-end chauffeur service, but with fewer cost implications on them or their company. In this instance, the Valkyrie Chauffeurs charge the client for their time only.  The customer is responsible for ensuring their vehicle is appropriately insured for our chauffeurs.


Our driver only service is currently available to clients in the following counties Only:

  • Gloucestershire & Surrounding Cotswold

  • Worcestershire

  • Wiltshire

  • Oxfordshire

  • Herefordshire

Long-Term Chauffeur Hire Contracts

Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd understands that customers sometimes require a chauffeur on a long-term basis.  There are a number of reasons why a customer may come to need the services of a chauffeur and often it is not suitable to utilise different companies as some stability and guaranteed professionalism is required.


Having your own driver can free up valuable time for you to sort out personal matters or conduct business whilst on route. However, a chauffeur is more than just a driver who takes you from A to B.  Our chauffeurs take pride in their work and are always impeccably dressed in a traditional suit & tie with a white shirt to meet the expected standards of our customers.  Our chauffeurs are discreet and will treat any information overheard or seen as confidential.  

Our vehicles are always valeted inside and out to the standard of a 'detailer'.  If clients request their own vehicle to be used, Valkyrie Chauffeurs will ensure it too, is regularly valeted to the same standards as our own.  We can even, upon request, assist with vehicle management such as arranging vehicle checks ups, services etc. 


Examples of some long-term contract requests:

  • Drive business owner to and from meetings throughout the UK on pre-planned dates.  Freeing the customer to conduct business during travel utilising the vehicles free wi-fi and power sockets.

  • Free up time for career working families who have requested us to drive their children to school each morning, collect and then wait with them at home until parents return from work.

  • On-call service for ad-hoc driving requirements both business & personal for the client and their family.



All our drivers are fully licenced for private hire and trade under the Valkyrie Chauffeurs operator licence held with Tewkesbury Borough Council.  As a minimum requirement, they have all been subject to DBS vetting.


Copies of licences can be provided upon request.  

Additional Bespoke Services

Our long-term customers are very important to us and we become to know our customers well.  Part of being a chauffeur is understanding the customer's needs before they know about it and making their lives easier.  The following services are available exclusively to our repeat customers seeking continuity through long-term contracts.

  • Retainer Service guaranteeing the availability of Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd at short notice 

  • Experienced Chauffeur driver

  • Life organisation 

  • Car & driver services or driver only services available

  • Vehicle management of customers personal vehicles 

  • Discreet & Professional

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