In light of events relating to the Coronavirus, we wish to reassure you that we consider the health of our staff and our customers of utmost importance. We are therefore following the latest advice from Public Health England (PHE) and the UK Government.



For passenger reassurance, we have put measures in place to ensure that the interior of our vehicles are safe for both our drivers and passengers and that our drivers are kept appraised of the up to date information from the Public Health England. 

These include:

  • Our vehicles are prepped in advance of each booking using appropriate cleaning products for vehicles.

  • In addition to normal hygiene, drivers will be washing their hands with soap/hand sanitiser wherever possible, after coming into contact with luggage, railings, door handles etc.

  • Drivers have been instructed to clean their hands with the allocated hand sanitiser before and after contact with surfaces. 

  • Drivers have been instructed to keep the recommended social distance at all times when outside the vehicle and to limit any physical contact e.g. refrain from handshaking.

  • For persons on the vulnerability list, the driver will also be instructed to take additional precautions and limit any cross-contact through surfaces such as door handles (i.e. passengers advised to wait for the door to be opened or passengers to open the door themselves, whichever is the passenger's preference)

  • Drivers will be required to wear face coverings at all times when in the presence of passengers and/or in areas where face coverings are mandatory such as airports & service stations. 

  • It is unclear how long the virus can survive on material items in particular plastics and metal.  So as a precaution we will not be supplying charging cables during this time unless requested. However, you are more than welcome to use the 12v ports for power with your own personal charging cables.  If any cables are supplied then they will be wiped clean prior to being placed in the vehicle.

  • Passengers will be given access to water, tissues and hand sanitisers during their travel.  The surfaces/packaging of such items will be wiped clean prior to placement within the vehicle and will only be in the vehicle at the start of the journey. 

  • Current legal requirements are that all passengers are to wear facemasks when being transported in the vehicle.  If passengers do not have a facemask then one will be provided within the vehicle.  Due to the length of our vehicles and ventilation, suitable distancing is possible. 

  • Should any passengers be travelling from or to a higher restriction area than ours then depending on the current government guidance we may not be able to provide our chauffeur services.  If guidance does permit the passengers travel to / or from those areas then we would require you travel in our Mercedes MPV and notify us in advance. 

  • We will no longer be providing sweets and magazines during the travel. 

  • Any driver with reported COVID-19 symptoms will be removed from contact with any passengers and instructed to self-isolate.

  • Any driver that is untested, but with any other sickness that could be COVID-19 (i.e. colds, flu-like virus etc) then they will be removed from contact with any passengers. 

  • Any passengers who display any systems of COVID-19 or have come in to contact with any persons with systems and/or contacted by track & trace are to notify us immediately.

We ask that if any passengers are over the age of 70yrs or consider themselves to be more vulnerable to effects of COVID-19 that they advise us in advance so we can instruct our drivers to be extra vigilant.

Any amendments or cancellations to bookings due to the COVID-19 will be honoured under our standard cancellation Terms & Conditions


In addition to the above hygiene measures, in an attempt to adhere to the 2-meter distance rule we are taking extra steps to limit the potential contact the driver has with any passenger or other members of the public.  We recognise that this will lessen the chauffeur service received, but feel it is a temporary measure that we need to take to ensure we heed the advice provided by Public Health England. 

  • Depending of the infection status we may request prioritising our Mercedes Viano Executive People Carrier or a similar vehicle supplied from other chauffeurs within our trusted network.  

  • The driver will remain inside the vehicle or at the approved social distance.  Unless the passenger requires assistance getting to & from the vehicle due to limited physical capability.  This means the driver may not open/close the passenger door and will make use of remote electric doors where possible.

  • For airport arrivals, drivers may not enter the airport arrivals terminal if alternative options are available.  In particular, Birmingham & Bristol airport where the express drops off/pick up point can be used to meet customers arriving into the UK.  If not meeting in arrivals, once the passenger has landed they are to contact the driver who will pull into the short stay car park to meet them. The passenger will be given the drivers, name, contact number, vehicle registration & car park floor number in advance. 

  • We request that the passenger, wherever possible, place their own luggage into the boot of the vehicle.  However, the driver can assist where needed.  If driver assistance is required, then it is requested that the passenger get into the vehicle first or stand at a distance of 2 meters and leave the luggage in situ.  Once the passenger is at a safe distance or in the vehicle, only then will the driver then load the luggage. 

  • Passengers are to ensure that any waste/rubbish or used face coverings capable of spreading the COVID19 virus is taken with them when exiting the vehicle.  This includes, but not limited to drink containers, tissues, disposable wipes. 

We apologies that this reduces the level of service, but we wish to reiterate that this will only is a temporary measure and hope to resume our normal chauffeur service as soon as possible. 


The welfare of our employees is paramount and whilst for most people, the information suggests will only experience a mild infection.  We must do everything in our power to protect those more vulnerable such as elderly relatives and customers. 

All employees and sub-contractors are to ensure they are kept apprised of and adhere to the latest information and guidance provided by the Public Health England for COVID-19. 

All employees and sub-contractors are to follow the Public Health England guidance for hygiene, hand-washing and sanitisation gels. 


Employees of Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd will be provided with a face covering and are required to wear the face-covering at all times when carrying out chauffeuring duties.  Where available, Sub-Contracted drivers are requested to wear face-coverings when carrying out chauffeuring duties on behalf of Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd.  For safety reasons, employees are required to safely dispose of their own used face covering and to ensure the vehicle is cleaned following its use.  This includes the removal of any material/product that could be considered capable of spreading COVID19 including, but not limited to disposable hand wipes, tissues, drink containers. 

Any employee or sub-contractor showing signs of COVID-19 symptoms as outlined under the Public Health Guidelines is to notify Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd immediately and self isolate.   

Any employee or sub-contractor sowing any signs of another sickness that could be COVID-19 such as colds/flu virus etc is to notify Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd immediately and alternate arrangements will be made for the customers travel needs. 

Should any employee or sub-contractor come into contact with a person diagnosed or showing symptoms of COVID-19 (in particular persons within the same household) are to notify Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd immediately and self isolate. 

Whilst in self-isolation employees and subcontractors are to follow the Public Health England's 'stay at home Guideline'.


4.1 Payments

Our payment terms remain unchanged during this period.  Full payment for any booking is required to be paid in advance to secure any booking.  Any delay in payment may place your booking at risk.  Upon request of booking request, you will be sent an invoice which will contain the booking details along with payment terms including account information for BACS transfers.  However, there will also be a secure online payment link for card & debit card payments (including AMEX). There are no additional charges for using debit/credit cards for any of our customers. If you are a corporate customer, our payment terms will be upheld and payment is due upon receipt of invoice unless you have approval in writing that Valkyrie Chauffeurs Ltd authorise any other terms payment. 

4.2 Cancellations & Refunds

We will be changing our normal cancellation terms to react to the COVID-19 pandemic to allow more flexibility and reassurance to our customers. Any unforeseen cancellation to a booking made as a direct result of a Government Enforced lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic period will be subject to a full refund as long as more than 24 hours notice has been provided.  However, no cash refunds will be available.  Any refund due in these circumstances will be raised as a credit note to be used against a future booking. If your future booking exceeds the refund value then you will be invoiced for the outstanding amount which will be subject to our standard payment terms. Where your future booking is less than the refund value, then part of the refund will be used to credit against your booking and the remaining refund amount will be held in credit to be used against another booking. 

If a cancellation is made within 24hrs of your expected travel date you will not be eligible for any refund.  However, if you feel you have a valid reason for the delay in notifying us of the cancellation requirement, we will review and assess on a case by case basis. 

4.3 Customers with pending travel 

Any customers with an outstanding booking with us during the Covid-19 travel restriction period are to ensure we are kept apprised of your plans.

Those customers who are overseas and due to return home, we will continue to track the news and your flight/cruise liner, but also request that you keep us up to date with information about your travel, so we can adjust your booking needs accordingly.